Jiaquan He

Tsinghua University


A graduate student

Linux Kernel Data Structure - Hash List

In Linux kernel, hash lists are different from normal doubly linked lists.

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Linux Kernel Data Structure - Doubly Linked List

The doubly linked list is a commonly used data structure. The Linux kernel define the doubly linked list in the file <include/list/list.h>.

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A Packet's Path

A nice backtrace captured by XF which shows a network packet's calling path in Linux kernel protocol stack.

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OSV Page Structure

While modifying the mechanism of OSV's mempool, I learn the structure of a page in OSV.

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Reusing Linux Device Driver in OSV

I still cannot figure out all the details how the linux drivers work.

And OSV kernel is not simple.

Tough days start from now on.

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Hello Jekyll

Finally I get to know that Jekyll is an elegant framework to build a personal site.

So let me try Jekyll.

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